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Master Your Breath, 
Master Your Life.

"Conscious Breathing is moving energy
in a natural and fluid way.”

Hi, I'm Milena

Milena Buettinghausen

Your breath is a powerful tool of transformation. 


Rebirthing Breathwork has been a deep initiation for me and empowered me to understand myself and my subconscious patterns at their core. Hardcore deep healing alchemy -  if I had to put it in a few words.

My focus in my work is on reconnecting mind, body and soul through the breath. Your breath will give you more presence and connection in your life. Rather than thinking something is wrong with you that needs to be fixed, I invite you to think about my work as a code, that supports you to live more presently and enjoy life more. Presence is awareness and connection to yourself and life.

Rebirthing Breathwork and Rebirth Breath Therapy includes mindset work, affirmations, working with the Elements, spiritual psychology and meditations.  



Rebirthing Woman The Podcast

4 - Prosperity Consciousness & Breathwork with Katia Boustani

3 - Healing the Pattern of (Not) Taking Initiative

2 - Das Muster "(Keine) Initiative ergreifen" heilen

1 - My 5 Mayor Shifts On My Rebirthing Journey

What Clients Say

“Working with Milena has been life changing – you enter an intimate space when you breathe and she has a connection to her intuition that moves you through the session in the most profound way. she holds the space, she is gentle and open and then she knows the moments to guide you into your deepest vulnerability.
There is no place to hide here and Milena helps you shine light on all parts of yourself. I felt extremely safe and seen and this took me into a place of surrender that I have never been able to go into before – being in session with Milena has been wholly alchemizing, you touch the deepest most uncomfortable parts of yourself to come to the other side of your pleasure and ecstasy. I’m always in a state of bliss after breathing with Milena. 


New York

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