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Tailored Breathwork Events

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On events, I aim to provide theory on conscious breathing as well as an experience! There is no understanding without experience. 

Depending on the audience and topic, I work with breathing exercises and mediation to craft a unique breathwork experience.

In former corporate events, I held breathwork workshops which consisted of theory and science of the breath, followed by some practical breathing exercises and closing with a guided breathing journey, where participants laid down to fully connect with their breath and breathing mechanism.

Corporate Events Breathwork

Feedback from breathwork session to reduce stress at limehome with Customer Service Agents November 2023

“Thank you Milena :-) I have to say I've never done anything like this before, but I thought it was really good! I definitely have to do it more often. And you explained it really well, I could listen to you all day ☀️.”​


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—  Participant Online Breathwork Session to reduce stress at limehome

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