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Truth, Simplicity and Love is the path that brings us back home. Let's come back to the basics together.


Due to unexpected events we are postponing it for the 2024

From our mother's womb to the Great Mother Earth.

There can't be true spirituality without emotional healing. The journey from our mother's womb to the womb of Great Mother Earth can be filled with suffering or joy. It's in our hands. It's our choice. It doesn't matter how much you meditate or how many asanas you're able to do or how many cerymonies or trainings you have attended if you don't take emotional responsability throught deep emotional healing. We can't avoid pain in this life but we can choose to suffer less and feel more joy. We all have an emotional body, a wounded child inside waiting for our love and begging for more fun. With Rebirth Breath Therapy Breathwork we can transform our breath into the Breath of Joy. We breathe as we live and this healing journey leads us naturally through

the process of finding our purpouse in this life.

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The retreat will take place in Mãe d'Agua located near Monchique, a municipality in Portugal's Southwest, located in the Algarve. Monchique is known for it's abundant and alkaline water. Mãe d'Agua is a community project and land of Anna and Miguel which have been leading temazcal ceremonies for many the years.

How does a typical day look like?

A typical day will consist of the following schedule:​ 

We'll start the day with the sunrise with a mediation and breathing exercises in the tipi around fire.

After that we'll go to the Domo and practice Yoga or Qi Gong.

We'll have breakfast.

Before the temazcal we'll connect with the group and the earth dancing.

We'll do the Temazcal ceremony.

After the Temzacal we'll have lunch.

Then we'll have the lecture where we'll explain the Rebirth Breath Therapy and do its practices and exercises.

After the lecture you'll be assaigned to a profesional and do the 1.1 breathing session.

We'll have dinner.

After the dinner we'll do sharing around the fire in the tipi with a small closing meditation.



Who is this for?

Everyone is welcome! No matter age, experience with breathwork,

temazcal ceremonies or conscious movement. You can be totally new to this or already familiar with breathwork and personal development, we will create a retreat tailored to the group needs.

The food

The cuisine will be organic vegetarian/vegan. Whenever possible, ingredients will be locally sourced. You will receive healthy and organic food delights as meals; nourishing food on many levels to accompany your process during the retreat.

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The team

We are friends and colleagues that met each other during our own healing journey, discovering the breath and Rebirth Breath Therapy in Greece in 2019.


Temazcal - Sweat Lodge

Ana and Miguel will lead the sweat lodge ceremony, traditionally known as Temazcal. It is an ancient ritual of purification and spiritual connection through the alchemy of the elements.

We will enter the lodge and sweat in the dark womb of Mother Earth, guiding the journey with songs and prayers.

Accomodation at Mãe d'Água

Mãe d'Água is a HeartH&Water Healing Center and Eco Village based on co-creation and living, as well as the regeneration of eco-systems. Various individuals and families co-created this beautiful Eco Village and project to also offer a space for retreats, ceremonies and stays.


Along the principles of Mãe d'Água, co-living in shared spaces is part of the experience. There is a big kitchen area to share for everyone. Same goes for the bathroom, which is an ecologial dry toilet and a (hot) shower/ bath tub to share during the retreat, independently of which type of accommodation you choose.

Accomodation - Camping

There's plenty of space for camping and that's going to be the main accompodation facility.

Accomodation - Bell Tent

There are two bell tents available for those of you who want to do glamping for two persons each.

Accomodation - Tipi

There is one small tipi with room for two persons available as accomodation option as well.

Accomodation - Caravan

There are two caravans for two persons each.

Limited places availabe ! 
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20% Off

For registrations before 10th of May.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is included in the price?

The price includes the accomodation and food plus the breathwork sessions, lectures, Qi Gong and Yoga classes and the four temazcal ceromonies. If necessary we'll pick you up with a car only from Monchique to take you to the house.

+ What is not included in the price?

The transport from the airport or from the train station of Santa Clara Saboia or other place than Monchique.

+ How many participants will there be?

We will host maximum 12 participants and minimium 8. We are four facilitators. In the house there's Miguel and Anna and two cooks in the kitchen.

+ How do I get there?

If you are arriving to Portugal by plane there are two airports : Lisbon and Faro. From the airports you can pick up a train to the closest station to Monchique : Santa Clara Saboia.

+ At what time is check in/ check out?

The check in is the 31th of May from 3pm. We're having a welcome dinner at 8pm. Make sure you arrive on time. The check out will be on 7th after breakfast around 11am.

+ What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel the booking the deposit won't be refounded.

No events at the moment

More info on the facilitators


Alex Miró

Alex is a professional breathwork facilitator and teacher with more than ten years of experience. He's also a Qi Gong instructor and Kriya Yoga practitioner. With all his years of personal and professional practice, he has become aware of the importance of conscious bodywork and our relationship with the elements for the emotional healing process. He is part of the international breathwork community and collaborates as teacher for the Global Breathing Awareness School of Rebirth Breath Therapy.

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Milena Buettinghausen

Milena Buettinghausen

Milena is a professional breathwork facilitator for over 6 years with a background in linguistics, communications and fashion. Originating from the corporate world, she has been active in the field of personal development for over 10 years on a quest for more vitality and aliveness, which led her to the breath as the most important tool on her healing journey. She collaborates and works with Global Breathing Awareness, the community and school of Rebirth Breath Therapy.

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Estrela Severino

Estrela was born in Lisbon, Portugal and has been a Yogini since 2004. She's a professional Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator and studies Macrobiotics. She's a life lover, breather, dreamer and doer.

Her inner quest for healthy, meaningful and sustainable ways of living led her to experience several self-realisation modalities. Ultimately, to realise simple truths: the Breath is the KEY element, common to all techniques; it allows us the experience of being alive, of Being Life. So close to us and yet so forgotten.

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Danielle Fisser

Danielle is a Certified International Breathwork Facilitator, Mentor, Initiator, Creative Alchemist and Conscious Entrepreneur. 


She weaves breathwork, dreamwork and natural elements into her craft to unite freedom, truth and simplicity. Her session will humbly guide your breath, serving as a bridge between your conscious and unconscious to provide a conscious rebirth.


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